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Danbury, CT Area Storage


LawnSite Silver Member
Any one local know of a spot to store a trailer over the winter? Space needs to be 8x16 @ an absolute minimum. I would prefer something enclosed, but I could live with outdoor yard storage over the winter since the trailer will be unloaded. This would be for the winter only.

I am also looking into a more permanent home for my equipment. I estimate I would need something around 1000ft^2. I would love the option to back my truck/trailer in at night and not have to worry about theft which would then put me at about 1500ft^2.

I found a place in NY today about a mile from exit 1 that has 1500ft^2 for $1200/mo. Access is tight through only a 9x8' door with my f350. It would be excellent for my trailer+equipment, but not the truck. The other downside is there is no available outdoor storage due to some potential zoning issues.