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  1. aaa

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    Hello, I am just a home owner and I have some dandalionds in my lawn and wanted to know what i can use just to spray them with without kill the rest of the lawn and I don't want to spray the who lawn just the dandaliond. I gess it is called spot trement? and can you use any house hold products to do this? I did a search and couldn't find any thing.
    thanks alot
  2. fireball

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    call Tru Green?chemlawn, they guarrentee results which you won't get from household products
  3. BigJim

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    Dandelions,any good Lawn Weed spray(2,4D) will kill them without harming the lawn grass or if theres not too many a teaspoon of Sulphate of Ammonia on the center of the plant will kill them,it breaks down to a lawn fertiliser so it wont hurt the grass either,most Garden Centres/Plant nurseries will sell both of those.

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