Dandelion Control in Northern Lawn

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Sep 25, 2007.

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    I own/op my own small lawn service biz, but am posting this from a homeowner's point of view (my own lawn). When applying a 3 way product like Trimec to a lawn to treat dandelions, when can I expect to see visible results (# of days)? I already did one app about 1 week ago with a hand held sprayer, spot spraying and soaking the leaves of the dandys. Followed mfg directions, mixing 2 Tbsp of conc. to 1 gal water. No rain for days after my app, completely sunny for at least 4-5 days. Has been hot (80's), but now we recd 2 in. of rain and is cooler (60's). We have gotten one killing frost to date, and I did the app about a week after that.

    What I am seeing now is the tips of the dandy plants have curled and turned brown, but the plants by no means are 'on their last leg' in my opinion. Should I allow more time for the Trimec to work, or do a 2nd app now? Should I mix stronger than the mfg instructions to some degree? Am I even applying at the right time to knock out a good % of the dandys? I know Trimec is a good product and I want to max. the results. Thanks!

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    General rule of thumb is: When the plants are quickly growing, you'll see quicker results. Sounds like your weeds are on thier way out. This time of the year results can be a bit slower than if you spray them in, say June. Always follow the label-besides being the law, what is says has been tested & shown to work best.:)
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    You'll be fine -- no need to reapply. We sprayed in light drizzle/cloudy skies today with high temp of only 60 degrees. I know we'll get excellent weed kill. Like liberty said, this time of year, it takes longer to see visible results, but your weeds will die. We pick up new customers where we spray their weeds in November....no prob with killing weeds then as well. The weeds will stay green for many weeks, but they won't be there next spring.

    I hope you plan to apply a heavy rate of winterizer fertilizer in late fall.

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