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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by AlpineNaturescapes, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. AlpineNaturescapes

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    OK for those of you who want my secrets - sorry. I am looking for advice. This year the dandelions have been terrible. I went with triplet in April, and Speedzone in May. Both apps just burnt the tops off. I used Turflon Ester in June mostly for bindweed, clover, and mallow, but lots of the dandelion came back from this too. Ok, so I probably should have used the Speedzone in April. In Sept I have been spot spraying with Confront out of desperation, to get rid of them, and everthing else gets an amine 2-4-D. October I now may go with Speedzone or Trimec.

    What I want is a good dandelion program - I am open to all suggestions. Advice from the Pros please. The only time temperatures are consistently below 75 degrees here is in April and October. I don't have a good dandelion product for 85+ temps except Confront, and I don't want to use up my residential labelled stash. Maybe Horsepower plus Spotlite? Escalade? Other? And I need a good reasonably cheap program in the spring that won't just burn the tops off. Please help - all ye ladened with knowledge.
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    You need to check your calibration. It sounds like you are applying too little herbicide. I never have problems with dandelions using Triplett. I will stick with Triplett or Three-Way until something cheaper comes along. Speedzone and the other new stuff are relatively expensive. Dandelions are easily controlled. Even in warm dry conditions I will get 80% or better control.
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    agreed. Alpine, if you are fighting dandies, with any of those products, your application rates are off. It can be too much as well as too little. If you are applying too much product, the plant will shut off if a defensive mode before you get a kill, just burning the tops. you also need to keep in mind the labelled rates for yearly active ingredient threshholds, you can't just keep pounding the weed control and not expect negative effects on the rest of your turf, allowing it to open for even more weeds. I'd stay away from ester products as it gets hot as they are far more prone to volatizing under temp. I did not see you mention a preemergent in your program. You may want to consider one next spring as it surely will help with the weed pressure for quite a while during the growing season. Follow good cultural practices as well, to allow your turf to assist in the weed war. Let us know how else we can help.
  4. AlpineNaturescapes

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    Thanks MGU,
    A couple years back I was using Wilbur-Ellis' Tricep, which worked great. When they discontinued it though, I started having these problems. I know the labelling wasn't any different really, but the same amounts did not obtain the same results. Plus the water here is very alkaline. Here I especially would like to hear from you Utah guys - what pH should I be adjusting to? Maybe I'm not using enough surfacant - about 1/2 to 1/3 oz per gal is over label though. The vendors aren't much help here - they just seem to want to sell more expensive products.

    I've used Dimension before. Is there a better pre-emergent for dandys?
  5. Garth

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    Your pH should be as close to neutral as possible. About 6.5 to 7 is where herbicides are most effective. Your chemical suppliers should have buffers and acidifiers for sale. By the way, I use just Weedar 64 and don't have a dandelion anywhere. Stay away from Dicamba. Doesn't do anything to 'em.
  6. lilmarvin4064

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    yeah, sounds like you might need a buffering agent. Garth, what would you use just dicamba for anyway?

    Try Lesco's Momentum FX, always seems to work well. Stickers do help, but don't go overboard on them. Eliminate works pretty good too.

    Dimension won't prevent dandies, try using Gallery or Image? as a broadleaf pre-emergent (chem. - Isoxaben).

    I've used Speedzone with mixed results, recently sprayed at 2 oz/1000, very little control, almost no control of ground ivy. I probably won't buy it anymore; not worth the price in my opinion. I'll make my own, Lesco's Three-way ester II + Quicksilver, which believe it or not, happens to be the ester formulation of Eliminate, not three-way.
  7. LwnmwrMan22

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    I've always used Momentum, and now this year had to switch to Momentum FX. I realize it's a little pricier, but I've never had a call back, with, IMO, very good control.

    I've thought about switching, but with it already built into my pricing, I have a hard time fixing something that isn't broke.

    I know alot of guys swear by Trimec and / or Speedzone, but.... you didn't get the results???

    I agree, check your calibration, it's more possible that that's off than your chemicals not working, especially when so many other guys are using them and getting satisfactory results.

    Actually, I did have a callback one time, I had the wrong day written down with the irrigation.

    Did the properties that you're trying to maintain, did the irrigation come on?? Rain?? Anything like that??
  8. kcchiefs58

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    trimece 992 at 1.5 oz. per 1000ft add a surfactant, you will get good control, not real expensive, and you can use it until temps get 85+ degrees.
  9. marko

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    If you use a good control in the fall (old momentum) or FX, It should 95% take care of your problem next year. Dandelions are the easiest of the broadleafs to control.
  10. Garth

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    Dicamba, I've found, is brilliant on purslane, burclover, white clover, chickweed, cudweed, henbit, mallow, english daisy and medic. It only gives a little control to dandelion. It's easier to keep the seedheads mowed and dig them out than to rely on substandard control. I get Weedar 64 cheap and it is effective.

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