Dandelions and Broad leaf control.... Customer want a "weed and feed"???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JShe8918, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Originally Posted by Marcos
    This suggestion was a mistake on your part.

    A "pre-m" applied to the lawn will only prevent non-germinated annual weeds.

    Dandelions are PERENNIALS.

    O.K. fine..point taken.
    Pre-M, Dimension, Barricade all have mostly annual grasses and broadleaves on the label...with a FEW perennial broadleaves...mainly the ones that are the more shallow-rooted.

    But this thread was begun by the fellow talking about dandelions, and suggesting trying to prevent them with a standard turf pre-emergent in February !

    That's a different animal !


    There is one good pre-emergent for tough-to control perennials like dandelions: Dow's 'Gallery' herbicide.


    But the large-scale use of it, in turf at least, just isn't cost-effective for the vast majority of business owners.

    Gallery is really sort of the "crem'e-de-la-crem'e" of landscape pre-emergent products, that found a niche in certain higher-end, cost-is-no-factor turf situations, ususally on estates, higher-profile cemetaries, etc.
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    I am interested about this subject as well.
    Bought some Atrazine last year and was gonna try it this year. I may have waited too long but was thinking of using it now.
    I have Centipede which was over-seeded (my bad) with annual rye last fall.
    The weeds are starting to wake up so here come the Atrazine...
    Any suggestions?
    BTW: this is for my own yard :drinkup:

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