Dandelions and the complaining customer

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JLC, Apr 29, 2001.

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    New to apps this year, but I like to think that I have a fairly decent grip what is going on. The question is how do you handle customers who are complaining about weeds in the lawn, but the weed control is not scheduled to go down for two more weeks. According to Lesco you want to allow the weeds to come up as the weed killer is post emergent. It is a no brainer to me, but how do you relay this to the customer who just doesn't want weeds? This is frustrating. Am I on target or is Lesco feeding me a line. I need to keep the customers happy. Can you guys give me some help?

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    Dandelion is a winter perennial. They generally germinate in the dropping temperatures of Sept and Oct in your area. If you have dandelions now, it is because they were not properly controlled last fall. Nothing you can do about them in the spring until after they flower. You may burn the leaves off, but they will regrow because you cannot get translocation of the herbicide into the dandelion root.

    Some years you cannot get good fall control. Like here last fall, the temps were extremely moderate until mid-Nov. Then winter came in a hurry, so it was not possible to get the dandelions that were sprouting up until mid-Nov. And please note that this is nature we are dealing with; while most dandelions will sprout as stated above, some may decide to volunteer their presence at any time.
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    ben,it sounds like you just picked them up..
    most of all the new customers that i picked up this season have weed problems...and they are talking about it..you bet ya... they are..
    well you know most of them had the same problem last fall and spring-thats why we got them this season...
    i carry a 3.5 gal pump-up sprayer on the truck and hit a few...if it is 30%weeds i will tell them that i will be out to spray with my liquid unit..
    or hit them early with a fert.with weed control granular..
    WHAT EVER YOU TELL THEM MAKE SURE YOU DO IT..by doing that it may buy you a few weeks...
    since i starting useing a perm-a-green spreader-sprayer i am able to get a grip on the broadleaf weeds...
    hope this helps ant
  4. JLC

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    Well I talked to Lesco today and they agreed that if the dandelions are flowered to start hitting it. I bought my supplies for the liquid round and will be starting asap, weather permitting. So much to learn, but I suppose unless you are an idiot you only have to learn it once.
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    ben: what did they give you for broadleaf weeds?
  6. Scraper

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    Try the Lontrel for broadleaf weeds in the lawn which I referred to in another post (mistakenly listed is Turflan). Seems to be working wonders where I have used it.

    [Disclaimer: Make sure you have the proper licenses to apply it though.] ;)
  7. JLC

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    I'm running momentum with a surfactant. Haven't used it yet but have heard nothing except postive feedback from others using it. Tank mixing with fert.

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