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  1. Nebraska

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    Does there exist a product that is an effective pre-emergent on Dandelions?

    Our fert dealer says no effective product exists and to do a post emergent spraying.
  2. tremor

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    Hey Nebraska,

    Check out Gallery 75DF. It does a good job on many Broadleaf Weeds & is labled for both turf & ornamentls.


    While not specifically labled for Dandelions, Super-Star does offer some supression.


    When Pendimethalin is applied as a split app (1.5#AI/A twice for 3lbs total) there is also supression. I have confirmed this in greenhouse bench studies. Since the contols is sketchy, there will never be any effort made to place dandelions on the 2nd two products mentioned.
    Go Gallery for best results. It works on a LOT of broadleaf & grassy weeds.

  3. Nebraska

    Nebraska LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks Steve,

    Your a walking encyclopedia of information!


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