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    I saw a Scag Sabre Tooth Tiger & a 61" Great Dane Chariot in the same day a week or so ago. These machines had the same frame. The control sticks, deck and engine mounting were different (horizotal/vertical)

    I bet they share the same hydo parts too. How much alike are they really?

    Oh, and as far as the sideways engine mounting people spoke of problems with. I have seen acouple of old ones that way. But the new machines I saw had Kawi's mounted normal.
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    The Chariot and Tiger are two different machines. There's nothing really left of Dane Scag's influence in the SCAG's of today. He's the innovator, and started the company, thats about the only connection now.

    Most ZTR's today all share similar hydro systems. The exception being DC.

    Whats with the sideways engine mounting? Its either horizontal or vertical. Kohler and Kawi make both.

    Sorry to "pop" your balloon :rolleyes:
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    I assure you the frame is the same one on both. Drop by a Great Dane dealer and see for yourself. As far as the sideways mounting...I'm talking the took a vertical shaft engine, turned it where the air filter is turned to the left side instead of the rear. This put the right cylinder up near the seat with a lack of air flow around it. Dumb design. The new ones dont' have this.
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    Most of the hydro units, design features, componet features are mostly all the same. I have been schooled on this in the past. Dane Scag is the pioneer of equiptment in this field and holds alot of the patents and designs on alot of mowers and parts. He designed the Scag line and enjoyed what he did after many years sold the business and retired, then got tired of retirement and had some new ideas and started Great Dane. He recently has sold Great Dane to John Deere so you will see a comparable design there.
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    You want similar, look at a DC and a Bladerunner! THATS not similar, its EXACT copy! Right down to a mirror image deck design.

    As for the "sideways" vertical shaft engine.....Its not really a "BAD" design, but rather a way of shortening the overall package. Hustler does this on their ZTR's. Air flow is brought in by the top mounted crankshaft driven fan. As long as the engine shrouding is still intact, airflow "after-the-fact" is not a factor.

    You want bad design, my old chopper had the crank grass screen 2" from your butt crack! Lost my wallet one time between the seat crack and it hit the grass screen. P.S. You dont want to scratch your butt crooked on a DC with an open cracked seat!

    As similar as the Dane/Scag look, they are built by two TOTALLY different companies. Similar in appearance, but more different than similar IMHO.
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    You might want to look at a BLADERUNNER in person first before making the assumption that it is an exact copy of a DIXIE CHOPPER.

    The only thing that I can think of that might interchange between the two companies might be the choke cable!
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    the guy who use to make ransomes bob cats now makes the scag line. alot of mowers out there look the same like the exmark metro and the scag belt drive.kees mowers and john deere riders are made by kees.funny how everything deere makes in the commercial line is made by some other company.i guess people like buying the name and price tag.
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    Although for the first two years, Kees did provide a power unit for the Deere decks for their ztrs, today the Deere ZTRs are built by Deere. That would be the 737,757,777 and 797. And as a matter of fact the mini z's and quicktraks, which do use a Great Dane frame, are now being built by Deere at the JD Turf Care factory in NC. Those 700 series machines are really nice, are designed by Deere and if you really check them out and talk to a dealer who promotes and sells them, you will find that a selling price and terms can be had that is very competitive with the other big names in the industry. Just had to set the record straight....
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yeah someone else was telling me about the 700's. I also saw a pic of one in Turf Mag today. Deffinately different from the M-Series (Kees framed) mowers.

    Until now I wasn't aware of them. I haven't seen the first one around here even though John Deere is a very very popular brand here. I have one myself.

    So these things are built in NC? I'm in NC. You would think they'd be at the dealers around here. But then again, the larger Deere dealer is in my county and ZTR's are NOT popular up here.

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