Dangerous Tires!!!! Are they On Your Truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by M & MD Lawn, Apr 15, 2010.

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    Something doesn't sound right...

    And I realize that tires can separate, but radials usually give considerable
    warning as to this type of impending doom, as the lining begins to separate
    the tire develops an egg-like shape which can be felt while driving as an ever-
    increasing vibration that goes on for MILES...
    I couldn't say how many miles, 5, 10, 50, 100...

    But I know I've driven on a separating tire before, it's one of those things a driver has to know,
    once it starts it needs to be replaced ASAP.

    At first the vibration could seem small but I know for a fact even at lower speeds of say 45 mph
    by the time that thing is about ready to go, there is NO way a driver would not notice the vibration...

    And at highway speeds of 60-65+, the car becomes almost un-driveable if it's a front tire,
    on a rear tire the control problem is less severe but still noticeable.

    And maybe I'm wrong, maybe they do separate rather suddenly, but it hasn't been my experience.
  3. M & MD Lawn

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    Ive never had it happen to me either, but i try to keep good tires on my truck seeing as i dont have time for tires to be flyin off and potentially my truck being wrecked
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    I saw this video somewhere else a while back...maybe I did actually watch it on TV...can't remember. But I was just thinking about this the other week and couldn't remember exactly how you read the numbers on the DOT number to determine the age.

    So now I went out and check how old my tires are and I've got 2005's on the front and 2006's on the back...so I'm good for now.
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    I've had tires that were under 6 years old that went egg shaped. Chevy had to replace a set of 6 twice before I switched to Firestones instead of the Goodyears it came with. No more problems of that nature since. All of mine are 2008 dates.
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    Old tires start at a dealer sure, but a lot of people buy these super long wearing tires, only to drive 10K a year, so they'll keep them on a said vehicle for 12+ years without thinking twice that the rubber has exceeded its useful life, if not getting close.

    Here's the vid I saw a while ago:


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