Dark Sky Assoc. Certifies (45) VOLT Lighting Fixtures


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We recently renewed our sponsorship of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). For those unfamiliar with the group, they are the preeminent organization fighting light pollution and light trespass worldwide.

One of their initiatives is the Dark Sky 'Fixture Seal of Approval' (FSA) program. For a fixture to receive the seal, it must comply with the following:
  • Be part of a system where on/off time is controllable.
  • Light trespass (light spilling into unwanted areas) must be minimized.
  • Brightness must be minimized.
  • Emission of blue light must be minimized.
  • The fixture must point downward with no light spilling above the horizon.
Many of you must have run into municipalities that have adopted some of the IDA's model ordinances. They vary from region to region, but the bottom line is they want you to comply - and in many cases, use Dark Sky approved fixtures!

For more information about the program, and for a list of VOLT Dark Sky certified lights, please go to our IDA Dark Sky Approved Fixtures category.



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Do you carry kits for the copper fixtures? I was looking at some lower cost path lights however was confused on why led bulbs weren't recommended for them.


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North Port, FL
Thanks for your question. All our kits feature brass (not copper) fixtures and they are all recommended for use with LED bulbs. Both the fixtures and bulbs feature lifetime warranties. (See kits.)

Yes, we have some path lights in our older lines that are not designed for LEDs (the lamps are not protected from water exposure). They include the Classico, the Liberty Bell, and the Traditions. All our other path lights have protected globes or compartments that provide a water-resistant enclosure for the LEDs.

For more questions, please call Customer Support at 813-978-3700.

Thanks again!