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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. nobagger

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    We have been in business since 2002. We have had some trying times and as of the last 3 years pretty good times. Business has grown each year and this year we grew roughly 60-70%, just picked up our first condo association and a few other nice commercial accounts as well as retained all of our exsisting customer's. But with this growth comes new expsenses like mowers, new truck (ouch) etc. But in the grand scheme of things is it all worth it. I could have stayed the sized we were and not needed a new truck and 2 new mowers. My wife was almost in tears when we went down to sign for the new truck and I started thinking is all of this really worth it:confused: The more properties you pick up the more expenses you will have etc. Our main truck was paid off and it runs and looks like new (for sale also) and we have spent some money on it in the past two years keeping it running like new. But in order to feel 100% comfortable going after these nicer properties you need to know your equipment will be up to the challenge. Our truck was a 94 F150 heavy half ton. It is basically a new truck with all of the replaced parts, but for plowing this condo assoc. I think it will take its toll on it. So we just bought an 06 F250 xlt and a new BOSS 8'2 V Blade. Does any one else or their wives freak out about the same things?:dizzy: :cry: :confused: :drinkup:
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    Your wife is probably freaking out becasue she see's the payment. Maybe she thinks you can't afford it, but did'nt want to say anything. Maybe you could have sub-out the snow work for the HOA. If that was your only snow account then yeah maybe the truck wasnt the best idea, but who am I to say your paying the bill. Also, as you expand you will see less profit for a while until you peak again.
  3. nobagger

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    Well the condo's payment per month alone could cover the cost of 5 trucks like the one we bought. But I understand what you mean. It's just a little scary for her I guess. And no, we have around 10 commercial accounts and 10 residential accounts this season for plowing.
  4. rodfather

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    Not to rain on your parade nobagger, but a soon to be 13 year old 1/2 ton truck is (or has already) outlived its use, period. I've been in this since '94 and there are always going to be peaks and valleys just like any other business.

    If you want to stay small, stay small...but you sure won't be landing any condo contracts for sure...it's ok for you and the misses to get uptight about new acquistions. That says all of this means alot to the both of ya.

    Good luck with the new truck btw...
  5. DBL

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    5 trucks like the one you got thats like $150,000ish you cant be getting that a month
  6. WildWest

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    I think he meant it would make the MONTHLY payment of 5 trucks...bout 2k
  7. DBL

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    i hope so i about fell out of my chair
  8. J&R Landscaping

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    If that were true, I'd love to see the size of that condo plex! :weightlifter:
  9. jcb287

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    It sounds like you kept the 94 truck in tip top shape.If it looks good why not keep it as a backup?Not to sound like I'm on the downside,but things happen to new trucks also.:)

  10. DBL

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    warrenties are a great thing

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