Date Palm Nutrition Plan

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  1. For the guys that fertilize date palms specifically, do you just do 8-2-12 four times per year, or do you also do liquid feeds?
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  2. FYI, I'm not referring to palms that have nutrient deficiencies that need correcting, but for routine maintenance on healthy Phoenix.
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    I soil drench or inject liquid 20-5-30 with additional Fe, Mg, Mn for routine maintenance. That happens a minimum of 6 x per year. With the soils and the way landscapes are constructed, I do not have confidence that a Phoenix date palm will have access to what is contained in a slow release granule. Also, it never fails that the date palm is growing out of a mondo or fern ground cover. It is simpler to liquid inject rather than have to dig or drill to apply granules. I have heard of radial trenching to apply solids to palms. Good luck selling that application to someone with palms surrounded by established mondo.

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