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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by rockytopp, Jul 27, 2006.

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    Hey Gang,
    I just purchased a Datsun H-20 fork lift, Five thousand lift, two stage mast.
    Every thing seems to work, no leaks Except, it is slow to move and does not seem to build up pressure to move very fast and will not climb a very steep grade . Just comes to a stop and with the engine high reving sits there.
    Could the fluid be bad?, I thought perhaps the torque converter, or perhaps Pump, but I have never had one so do not know how they function.
    This unit sat for several years and was only just started maybe once a year.
    any help would be great, also where a repair or maintenance manual could be had.
    Thanks much. paul
  2. Scag48

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    This might sound like a really dumb question, but are you sure the park brake is off? If so, I know what you're talking about, feels like there's something pulling against you. It could be the fluid, but your brakes could be hanging up as well, even if the park brake is off. There's a good chance if it sat with the brake on for those years, when you go to release the brake the handle moves but the brakes themselves do not release. Just a thought. Usually the fluid doesn't go bad, we have a 1950's Towmotor that we use on the farm and in the last 5 years we've never had to do much more than keep the oil changed and hydraulic fluid in it, it's a solid machine for 50's technology. Then again, it was always well maintained, my grandpa was a forklift mechanice for over 15 years and with his 8th grade education he could keep 30 plus lifts in one warehouse running just about all the time, so these things really aren't too complicated.
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    Have a forklift mechanic come and look at it there are people that specialize in lift truck repairs. Be prepared to spend a good chunk of money those Japanese forklifts are expensive to repair and frustrating to repair.
  4. notoriousDUG

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    First thing to look at is the brakes, check to be sure they are not over adjusted or that the brake is sticking on. If the brake is stucking it colf be due to frozen prking brake cables or internal to the drum.

    While this is possible it is rare to see the brakes stick for more then a short duration unless the cables are really bad so there is a VERY good chance you have trans issues. At the best it could be an issue with a sticky manual valve in the valve body or a worn out valve body. If the fluid is not very burned loking it is very likely a piston seal issue but tat that pointyou shoudl just rebuild the whole thing, you should be able to find a shop willing to do a in chassis rebuild of the trans. There is also a VERY good chance it is the pump, you can check pressure at one of several test ports, get a service manual for pressure sna sport location. The pump is behind the converter.

    If it is the torque converter be prepared to pull the engine, that is the easiest way to get to it.

    Contrary to popular belief lift truck parts, even for the offshores, are very reasonable due to the fact that there is a huge aftermarket.

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