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    Dave Ramsey - YOU ARE A MORON!!! For all of you who listen to him say "Mowing is easy money," think twice. You're going to get hung with a big loan on a lot of equipment.

    Sorry, forgive me, I gotta vent a little. There has to be at least 100 new mowing operations in my town this year, Evansville Indiana. When talking to the experienced MoCo's in town, they say everyone is getting lowballed.

    Turn on the radio there's Dave Ramsey blabbing "Shoot you can mow grass and make $1000 a month" So people go out and buy a bunch of new equipment and boom...i'm gonna' start makin' money.

    I wish he'd shut his pie hole. It's not that easy Dave. If you gross 1k a month(10 $25 dollar lawns per week THINK ABOUT IT!), you're lucky to net 300-400, and that will barely make the payment on your new mower, trailer, and of course your brand new $40,000 F350 (not a slam on the guys who actually NEED a Ton truck, just a slam on bubba pulling the snapper rider and a single axle trailer with one.)

    So all these lowballers are buying 15k worth the equipment, sometimes $40k because you have to have a brand new truck right? Then they find out how tough it is to get lawns to make the payments. "Damn...I got payments to make i'd better get me some lawns I'd better undercut everyone in town" So a $50 lawn turns into a 20 dollar lawn, yippee i'm makin' money now !!

    For all you who are doing this.... you are not Makin' 20 dollars on a 20 dollar lawn. You'll be lucky to make 5 bucks net, EVEN IF YOU DON'T BUY INSURANCE AND PAY TAXES.

    I know this has all been said here before, don't think too harshly of me...i'm just venting.

    My sister in law tells me 3 teachers in her sons middle school started mowing companies. 3 new mowing companies in that middle school alone. Beware teachers, mowing season doesn't end in august here. I mowed until the middle of November last year.

    I'm not trying to discourage anyone, competition is ok, I was a start up once. But for goodness sakes people CHARGE SOMETHING!! You will not make enough money to pay off that loan at $20 per lawn. You will run your tail off, doing a lot of lawns and only just make your payments. When your equipment is shot, you won't have any money to buy new.

    As for me? I charge enough that i've paid off my equipment and get to keep some of the profits (AFTER TAXES AND INSURANCE). I'm not taking any $20.00 lawns. I can make $5 bucks an hour at McDonalds and not ruin my equipment.

    Finally....just to let you guys know what it's like here. I passed a "mowin' guy" last week with a Snapper Rider, Push mower etc.. on a single axle trailer .... not a bad economical startup mowing service right? Oh...did I mention he was pulling it with a Hummer? :realmad: He must like mowing because he's not making any money.

    Sorry for venting .... someone let Dave Ramsey know he's a MORON!

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    AMEN !! Its like that all over ...LOW BALLERS give us all a bad name and hurt those of us who are legit and just trying to make a living.
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    They will soon go out of business and you can pick up their used equipment dirt cheap. Maby they forgot you can't mow during the winter:clapping:
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    Yeh I would have to agree with you. I don't know about you, but I am not really threatened by by the people pulling their walmart push mowers and mury riders around, Quality is what I sell and they can have all the 15 and $20 lawns they want, I start at $40.

    Oh yeh did I mention that by listening to Dave 4 years ago, I too started my own business to make a little extra money, and now I have a company with 2 employees and grossed in the upper 100k last year.

    If this is your biggest concern, then you really have it pretty good.
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    Who the hell is Dave Ramsey?
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    Dave rocks. its just comon sense dont spent more that you make "dumbass" quote red forman
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    I agree with most of what you said.. but if you are making 5 net off of a 20 dollar lawn then u should quit running a business and go work for someone else
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    Never heard of Mr. Ramsey. But I see McDonalds built next to a Burger King all the time. Even if I eat at the Taco Bell across the street, all three stay in business. Competition sucks if you want to rule the world, but it's a reality in every business sector. For the record, I neither endorse nor de-dorse(?) any companies listed above. All personal comments expire when the return key is pressed. Liability is limited and if I'm deemed liable I will run and hide.

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