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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by David Hartzog, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. David Hartzog

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    Hi! I'm back!!
    Been really busy. This is my 7th year! Actually, my 12th if you count when I was in buisness before for 5 years (i went bkrpt the 1st time)...So, they say if your a small buisness and you get past 5 years you are doing pretty good. No, i haven't done any time. i have been doing taco bell for 5 years now, and the managers all love me. Everyone loves me, cause they know I'm crazy...and good lookin.

    Tried having a partner. Don't recomend it. Make more money on your own. i am making pretty good money. 2nd largest lawn care in town. My wife still at home with the 4 kids and she kicks my butt when i spend too much.

    I have an exmark and a walker, 2 guys, and about 70 accounts.

    Get this...i just picked up a good account cause the guy got on this site and read about the taco bell stuff! i was so embarrassed...but hey! Whatever.

    P.S. i did find out i need medication...Bi-Polar... i won't hurt anyone, just run around acting stupid and not making any sense. But, maybe when i post now it will make more sense. Of course, i work too much to be on here alot.
  2. 1MajorTom

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    Hey welcome back, I remember the Taco Bell letter. :)
  3. Duekster

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    Tell us the bankrupt story. Please. Honestly.
  4. Mr Priceless

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    code for PRETTY PLEASE dig up some dirt for us:laugh:

  5. KS_Grasscutter

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    My question is if you went bankrupt mowing once, why did you even get back in the business?
  6. David Hartzog

    David Hartzog Banned
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    Ok ok! i moved to the town my grandparents lived. there is not much to do except factory work and fast food. i got them to help me get some equipment. i was also married. i started cutting residentials mostly. i didn't have a good way to price and i got a bunch of kids to help me and we partied way too much. later, i also invested in some duplex that i didn't really know how to run. i should have had an agency run the apts while i cut and i should have tried to get more commercial with a better price system. i also kept forgetting to go back and finish jobs...i didn't have a schedual or record like that. and i can't remember anything. my wife left and i chucked it all, sold the apartments, and went truck driving.

    My wife now(my new wife) is real smart. she said that i only owed a few thousand dollars and should have just paid it. but some attorney told me to file bankrpcy and i believed him. there are other ways to do that instead of chapter 7. And, she told me that i should have filed ch 11 or something under a buisnes. i screwed up all of my credit. she also now does all of my paper work and uses Groundkeeper Pro to track my schedual and stuff. it is not the best program because it was only $300 but it is MUCH better than doing it by hand and memory. she also calls me and reminds me to finish stuff.

    but, when i got back to town after driving truck, i could not find work again and i had a baby and wife, so i got a push mower and put it in the back of my ford escort and went to some of my old customers. i love lawn care. i do not want to be inside and i love to kill weeds and cut stuff up.
  7. nobagger

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    Is this for real?;)
  8. AbsoluteH&L

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    WOW!!! how about any padded walls? STAY ON THE MEDS!!!
    Seriously, I have a close relative that's Bi-Polar. When your up, Look out weh-who!!! Down is a bummer. Stay on the drugs. Better living through chemistry he says.
  9. David Hartzog

    David Hartzog Banned
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    06 F250XLT SUPER DUTY w/Fisher 8'6" Extreme V SS
    05' 8.5x16 Enclosed US CARGO Trailer loaded with all kinds of goodies like Exmark, Toro, Echo, Sthil and Little Wonder.

    Hey J and B...do you like the enclosed trailer? i want one so bad! i have been wanting one because i think that i could have paid for one already with the money i have spent replacing weedeaters and chainsaws that have walked off.
  10. David Hartzog

    David Hartzog Banned
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    When my meds wear off i tell everyone to back up 10 feet. i can get a yard done perfect when i am "high" on life but i am all over the place. People used to call me "crazy dave". but, i do feel better now. :dizzy:

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