Dave where is the easter egg?

Discussion in 'CLIP Software' started by turfmower, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. turfmower

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    I have not found seymore clip in the new verion of visual clip. where is he? also why do I have a window cleaner run across the screen now. what is the name of that file so I can change him out for my little turf mower guy.
    I also need the code to down load the update. i need to do it at home and burn it to cd I hade dl at work with slow dail up.

    do you know who this is? my first clip was 2.9 or 3.0 dos and i bought it from Lawn Write Hint 292
  2. DaveTucker

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    No, there is no easter egg to turn Seymour on or off.

    The files are inside the EXE so you can't really change them but I am open to receiving other BMPs from people that they think might be good to have in CLIPv.

    Send them to dave@clip.com

    Good talking with you......

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