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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by brc1989, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Exmarkboy13

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    are you out of the North Royalton branch?? if so, ive been there afew times.
  2. J McCarter

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    i love mowing wide open proerties like that. Were you in business for yourself before?
  3. brc1989

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    No sorry I was laid off this winter we only plow one property with our equipment everything else we sub out which is only a third of what we maintain during the season.

    No the Macedonia branch is where I work out of. The North royalton branch is the Cleveland west branch and were the Cleveland east branch.

    No I've only worked for one other company and although I basically ran everything I did not own it.
  4. lazor-cut

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    I'm sorry to hear that... Pardon my ignorance but is that what they normally do? Do to lack of work in the winter? Then rehire?

    If not we would love to have you on our crew... But we're in Michigan!
  5. brc1989

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    Thanks man lol but luckily I'm actually going to be promoted to foreman this spring after I get my pesticide license and go to a week long training course Davey pays for called DIGM.

    As far what they do during the winter is just lay off 75% of the workers and foreman and they either go on unemployment or find another temporary job. Then they come back in the spring at different times.
  6. Schrock Lawns

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    i pmd you about something, pm me back
  7. brc1989

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    So I'm not sure how many of you guys do any landscaping during the winter but I just got done doing a landscape install with five other guys in windy snowing conditions. We put in topsoil beds, planted shrubs plants and a couple trees, mulched everything, and layed out straw netting for a Ryan model home. By the time we finished spreading the mulch there was almost an inch of snow covering it. I forgot to get any pictures though, just thought I would post something of an update in here.
  8. brc1989

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    So tuesday was my first day back to work, starting spring clean ups on our B grade properties this week. I have been promoted to foreman/crew manager so I will be running with two other guys. Doing the same properties as last year except for my thursdays, I have no idea what I will be doing. I also have another condo development on my tuesdays so I have three condo developments for one day, will be quite a bit of work. Were looking to start mowing as of now around April 22nd.

    One picture I took is of the two new Stihl BR600 backpack blowers I'm getting for me and my crew this year. I will also be getting two Stihl 110 spilt shaft trimmers and a stick edger attachment plus a husky trimmer as well. Excited to start the season hoping everyone has a good season.

  9. Exmarkboy13

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    so you get to just chose what your crew needs?? I know davey has a discount program with stihl, but its usually an operations manager that says "ok, lets order 2 more 600's for crews 1, 2, 3, etc..." ??? p.s. post the other pics of the new gear!
  10. Arena landscaping

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    Is this the same company as Davey Tree care?

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