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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by CHARLES CUE, Jul 9, 2008.


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    I didnt PM you or email you or leave you a voice message becomes you never respond back but you always read the post and respond to them I dont need the parts just hate when someone volunteer to do some thing and never follows threw and you did it twice to me Please dont PM me !

    good luck
    Charles Cue
  2. Jerry Andersen

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    I was thinking about buying 1 of his seeders in the spring. So i was watching a tread on here & i noticed as soon as a negative commit was posted about his product the post was pull. So i started searching for any bad post about this seeder found nothing. I had to ask my self out of all the seeders he sells no problems( i doubt it). As for the post that was pulled I thought this was a open forum. Even bad post will still sell products. Just a thought. Still have not bought a seeder yet but i'm going to have to soon the season is just around the corner.

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    Jerry i dont think it's a bad seeder they all have there good and and bad a hole lot better the the one i rented they told me it was self propelled and i did propelled man was i wore out. my beef is with david i met him said he was owner and designer and i ant impressed with him ! as you might tell i never seen my post disappear and i probably been the biggest critic if you want my real info on the seeder Pm me with a phone # and i will call you not much on typing tacks to long
    Charles Cue
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    Sorry if I have not lived up to your expectations. All I can say is we are doing our best.

    I assumed driving 6-hours (1-way) to personally take a look at your unit to find out you were upset because the bearings failed after driving over bailing wire or something, then I instalilng a new set of blades, new 2008 improved cutter reel, as well as the updates we learned from our rental units as well as installing all the updated parts that were not available when you purchased at no charge was enough.

    And I gave you my personal cell phone number to give me a call if you ever needed anything or just call our offices and talk with someone there.

    Like I said before, getting ahold of me personally even via email can be difficult and for that I appologize. I do get PMs on Lawnsite and check them frequently. I would do anyting for just a 12-hour day. For example, last night I was in Knoxville, TN...today I was at Purdue in West Lafayette, IN doing a turf demo day....Wed & Thur I should be in Louisville, Fri I'll be in Fort Wayne, IN building new prototypes. This is my typical schedule. On top of this we have had to keep moving into larger facilities (3 times in 18 months), hire additional staff, develope world distribution channels it include (Canada, Italy, German, London, Astraila, New Zealand, etc....) on top of supply seeders to every major rental company in the U.S., and build our own products at our facility in Louisville.

    Are our machine without flaws or "Zero Defect"? No, but we keep making improvements from feedback from customers like yourself and stand behind them 100% for any reason. Is it hands down the best seeder on the market? I think so and it keeps getting better. I do take every comment and criticism personally which only makes us work harder to improve our customer service, overall product delivery, etc...even still there will be times when we can't satisfy every customer but we keep trying.

    I'll give you a call in the morning when I get back in town.


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