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    i probably got 10-12 calls on Wednesday from people wanting there leaves done for thanksgiving most of them after noon. none were current customers just people calling up and wanting me to drop everything and run right over. when i told them i could put them on the schedule and it would be the end of next week most just hung up one got a little rude started swearing about it so i hung up on him. anyone else get alot of calls on Wednesday from people who just couldn't wait?
  2. dwlah

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    Only had 1 regular customer call Mon PM told her we would be back in town and do it Wed(we were at the hunting club)
  3. Robertsonslawnsinc

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    our trees here in florida don't grow leaves. :canadaflag:
  4. CAG

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    happens every year.. we use to not even get to the reg cust before thanksgiving.. but now we do most of all of them in two stages so all lawns look decent for the holiday and some will be done complete depending onn weather.. the funny thing is with those random customers u tell them you could come out in a week or too after and they do just what they said they do, but then call three weeks later and u have to tell them no because the box and equip is put away.. i hate doing leaves but the calls are from referrals from good cust and who wants to tell them no, but its just not possible O and freezing cold!!

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