Day care centers and apps.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by White Gardens, Feb 26, 2011.

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    The Big Boys have that BIG UMBRELLA INSURANCE POLICY to protect their assets. But maybe we are blowing this out of Proposition. There are not that many Law suits but when they do sue you, it can be devastating. BTW I speak from Experience from when Lawn Doctor sued me. Between them and Hurricane Charlie they took me out the competition.
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    here we have stricter regs and notification laws for schools or any sports fields that are used for school use. The way alot of towns and companies get around this is to do the app during vacation periods. For example they do pre-emergent during the first day of April vacation, Merit first day of summer vacation. if straight fert they don't have to worry and can do it when ever. Every state is different, I am not sure about yours so I would check. Alot of guys are afraid to contact their Extension Office or there State Pesticide Inspectors because they are afraid to be red flagged by asking questions. In my experience they much rather you contact them ahead and are more than willing to help give you information which could prevent a problem down the road, but thats my state, and like I said I dont know about yours
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    This is great advice, I would not shy away from it, I would just be aware of more leg work and the potential for issues, just put them on a shorter leash and if you fell that there may be an issue then head it off early. I rarely turn down work, could be a fault of mine but I hate to walk away from something because sometimes there is something bigger attached to it that all makes it worthwhile....
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    Good Call, I think I'll be making a phone call here shortly.

    Thanks for the positive.

    My thought also is that if I don't take the account, someone else will. I don't want to disqualify myself out of the gate.
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    I just tell them its all organic and made from unicorn smiles and gumdrops. if they don't buy my line I give 'em the ole No Habla Ingles and threaten a lawsuit if they turn me in to the authorities. Soccer Mama wants little buttercup to be insulated from any yucky chemicals but she force feeds them McDonalds and Hostess WIg-Wams and Lucky STrike Soda after school.
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    We no longer bid on day care centers or schools. The liability and the lack of being able to control the site after we do an application is just too risky. Once we leave the site the responsibility falls on the managers of the facility to follow our guidelines. I guess I'm just not willing to depend on somebody else to cover our butts. The liability issue and disclaimers are a false comfort. You can be sued for anything at any time right, wrong or indifferent. As an owner you owe it to yourself and your business to walk away from something where the risk are too high. There is plenty of other work out there.
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    Great Advice, I always look forward to your Common Sense Humor to put things in perspective.

    The other day as I was treating a Dog Grooming shop. The new girl standing in front of the dog bath and soaked head to toes with a Bottle of Adams Flea & Tick Shampoo in her hand ASK. "What are you spraying" she seemed to get up set when I told Pyrethrum for some reason or other. I guess she figuired the little bit I was spraying on the base boards was the straw that would her back that was covered in it.

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