Day From Hell


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I had a horrible day today while i was out cutting. I'm still young(15)so i'm sure i will have worse but here goes first i put on a new set of blades and the first yard i do i hit half of a brick that was hidden in high grass and ruin 1 blade. Next yard i'm at i hit a dog toy and send it flying and it breaks a window in the person's kitchen. Last lawn of the day i'm almost done trimming and a broken glass bottle is in the high grass so i could'nt see it and i hit it and it cut my face all up thank god i was wearing saftey glasses. To top it all off it was drizzeling all day long.


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...and I thought there were child labor laws to protect people like you!:)<p>GEO


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You might consider in the future doing a walk through of these yards that have high grass. Mowing is like riding a motorcycle.......always keep one eye on the conditions directly in front of you. I have had help before that stared off in space and hit every stump, root, bottle and brick.<p>Be safe and good luck!<p>Homer

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Tim I started when I was 15 too I'm 28 now.<br>I've been through the mill also!!! As Homer said do a walk through on high grass before cutting. Every time I estimate I check for anything sticking out of the ground and make a note. You have many good days to come. Its so good to see a guy like yourself in this business!!! Stick with it when you get my age you'll laugh at it all. Good Luck Tim<br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance :)<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: AGG Lawn Maintenance

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tim, you had a learning day and you need them to gat ahead. You just moved closer to being where you want to be. there will be more of these days so get ready to learn. good luck

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