Day Labor Hiring

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Have you ever used a day labor staffing agency?

  1. Yes, I loved the experience

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  2. Yes, but I hated the experience

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  3. No, but I would try out an online option

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  4. No, I would never use day labor staffing

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    IRRITECH LawnSite Senior Member
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    Show me a case where that has actually happened.
  2. Agreen-go

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  3. Agreen-go

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    This is the part that will get you in trouble. albeit a California case, knowing the way things go in this country would you really risk yourself?
    Yes they may work well but consider the risks.

    The Court of Appeals, however, reversed the trial court's decision and noted that California law says a person who hires an unlicensed individual to perform duties that require a license is in fact an "employer." Once an employment relationship is created, the hiring individual may be sued for any injuries sustained on the job. There is no workers' compensation protection for the homeowner in this case because Mendoza had not worked enough hours to be covered by it. The Appeals court then sent the case back to trial to determine the extent of the homeowner's liability to the injured worker.
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  4. 94gt331

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    I am used to a staffing agency and know how they work because i used them a few seasons. A staffing agency is great i think if your a small buisness that is only going to use an employee on ocassion. It's great in that aspect because you don't have to pay a monthly worker comp insurance, and also you don't have to have an accountant to do payroll,payroll taxes labor and industry taxes etc. That can be expensive for someone that doesn't need much hired help. However if you need full time employess you should just carry your own workers comp insurance for it's cheaper in the long run. Using a staffing agency is good for any small company that struggles with the costs of being a legal buisness. the legal costs to run a company is why so many contractors take the risks of paying people under the table.:cool2:

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