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Day sleepers?


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Oly Wa
How do you guys deal with day sleepers when you service a apartment complex? I had a woman come out and ask me if we could park somewhere else and not use our machines around her unit as she's a day sleeper. It's a tight group of twenty duplex's and frankly we can only park where we do, as there is no other place to turn around a Chevy 4 door with a 22 ft trailer. Would/should you go to the trouble to change your route to accomodate one person like this? Sure it would be easy to go there in the morning as apposed to the afternoon but would you/ should you? It's not a high end place by any means, just a mow and go, any comments?


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what exactly is her time? If you are off by only 2 hours then accomodate for her, but if you can't then just be honest and tell her that due to routing schedule and the specific times of service availability this is the only time that you can service the complex area

Jet Mech

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I work nights myself. The way I handle "Day Sleepers" is, when I get up of a day, everybody needs to be up! Give 'em Heck and run those blade tip speeds full out. Just get the job done as quick as possible. Believe me you can out run your "Day Sleepers" in their slippers with a ZTR. Good luck!:p


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culpeper, va
You are working for the managers of the complex - and they dictate the day, time, etc. that you come. If you let one tenant change your schedule - you'll go nuts trying to be all things to all people.


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N.E. Wisconsin
If you wake them they can use it as an excuse to take a pee and then go back to bed. Don't change your route for one person in an apartmane complex.


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zone 6
If you could park farther away I would do it, I doubt I would change a schedule, if you mow it at another time you probably would then be waking up somebody' baby.


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Maybe ask and see what time she is awake in the day and maybe mow about that time or close to the time she gets up. But if it upsets your schedule too much i would just continue to mow.I have an account that has a 3rd shift worker, she wakes up about 1pm in the day so thats about time i get there


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Martinsville, IN
You have a job to do and her needs don't concern you. I would tell her that I have an obligation to fulfill and this is the time its going to be done everytime I visit! She'll have to get over it one way or another!

Ground Effects NH

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Lakes area NH
Last year I was doing a fall clean up mowing with bagger stop, start you know. Into it about 1/2 hr, looked around damn apples all over the middle of the yard ,she has no apple tree.Then another one falls and another. Looking around the lady(maybe 22) across the street is throwing them at me she is in her house coat yelling, giving me (the bird) pointing at her watch it's 8 am. I stop mower an take earmuffs off she says she works nights an that i better stop NOW! also says that shes sick of me mowing in the morning thru out the year ;) I said sorry but had to finish she is HOT an I do mean HOT! Started working again here comes the apples. Well the property owner see this calls the cops. Cops show up shes throwing apples at the police then runs into the house locks the door. They never did get her that day, talking to police she tells me that they are there several times a week. Hey i thought it was so funny.