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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Trev, Apr 16, 2003.

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    I am trying to eliminate the 1hr a night headache that I get when I have to take my master-list which has 5 categories Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri all consisting of 25 accounts for a total of about 125 different mowing's per week the problem is that some accounts with out sprinkler systems are on every other or bi-weekly. In order to make sure my crew is mowing the right places on the right schedule I have to go over the prior weeks schedule not to mention all the customers that call and change from weekly to Bi or new accounts or odd jobs. It gets to be a lot because I also have to make the routing so they are not zig zagging across the county. their must be some one out their that has a full proof system where some kind of grid or chart goes in each work truck and employees can just add service date I could just grab list for billing.I am sick and tired of having to make the list's the night befor I don't know but some one dose! thanks Trev
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    Check into LawnMonkey software. Set up weeklys and biweeklys. It automatically schedules them and prints out a list for the day. As an option you can even have it print a map with each stop and tells you the shortest route. Base software runs about $849 and mapping option about $500 more. At the end of the month it will generate all invoices for you. There are others out there, this is just the one I liked the most and purchased it last November.

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    LM is a great program, but if you are using Quick Books for your accounting QXpress from the same company (Alocet) is even better.

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    I'm w/ them - LM is the way to go - you can choose to make them weekly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly, or any combination thereof. The scheduling capabilities are endless. We maintain around 200 accounts/week. At day's end in less than 15 mins, I complete all jobs and print next day's schedule. It only takes more time when doing clean-ups as we have to input the times.
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    I have been very happy with CLIP They have different versions, and a great support team. Check out there site by clicking on there logo in the list of sponsors above. They will send you a demo disk.

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