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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CLC, Jul 15, 2001.

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    Ok Im starting to get mor lawns and I do most of them thur. and fri. so they look good when people come up on weekends but im pretty much maxed out on people i can do on those days what would you guys do when u get ne lawns and they want to be done on one of those days ?
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    I went through the same problem at the beginning of the season. I politely explained to the customers that my schedule is always based on a first come first serve basis. When I pick up customers throughout the season, I TELL them when they will be cut. If they question it, I tell them that since it is in the middle of the season, it would be unfair for me to put them in front of my existing customers, and come next season, I will be more than happy to try to accommodate them. I find that being honest with them usually works. I also try to smile when I am interracting with them. In my opinion...Often times, customers will take on the same expressions you have. In conclusion, if they are being that demanding, do you really want them as a long term customer? I go for quality over quantity.
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    lonestar, what is considered "premium" prices. in other words if my prices r averaging about 30 per cut, what is fair for a friday? 35? 37? thanks
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    I stick new customers in where they fit in the route, my schedual is based on location, since we work in a few towns my customers get done on the day when I'm doing the other lawns in the area and thats that.
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    Hello Everybody:

    Fridays always been a problem & if you do people every 7 days the problem will continue. Then you got the Rain on Friday & Shinola happens on Friday factor!

    I tried everything & still Friday was a problem. One thing I scheduled Friday as an Average Day To less than average number of Cutts. Those Aggervatingthecrapoutofya Friday Folks would not let up! No matter what, it's a Major Problem! That's a Fact Jack!

    So I only scheduled a part of a day for Friday folks, I tried to put most on Thursday & that way if Thursday was bad or rained out I could work extra hard on Friday & Knock it out. Yes those Aggervatingthecrapoutofya Thursday & Friday Folks did pay $5 to $10 extra & they learned to live with it, I had too so should they!

    Now after plenty of headaches, then I went to 10 day deals with new customers & my life got easier & I mean a lot easier. I know some of you can't do it but think if you could do most folks every 10 days.

    "Honey it's 2:00 pm Friday & the Lawn Dude is not here yet!" That's OK Honey, I'm going to call him & see where he's at & remind him how much I pay him! First off Drop them folks & do it like this, Raise their Price, until they quit calling or they drop you. Tell them why T00! This is Problem with 7 day folks! Honesty is always best policy, be up front & let them know.

    Now how in the world is those Folks going to keep up with you & you are doing them every 10 days? Well they will have a hard time & will a 10 day person complain if you a day early or a day late, NO NOT OFTEN? Will they? Butt a 7 day person complains if you a day late or a day early. Most of the time they will? RIGHT?

    So do you dictate your services to your customers or do they dictate how you run your business? It's your choice? I prefer Dictating my services to them? Yes it doesn't sound good for the Customer, but a lot less Wear, Tear & Strain on my Heart! :)

    Butt if you do good work & do it right, they will pay your Price, no matter how High of Price you dictate & they will wait on you if they want you? It's a Known Fact!

    So here it is & if you got plenty of work, you can do it the way you wan't!

    Some folks says Hamburgers are the same? Well they are wrong?

    LOL, Off Topic!
    You can go get .69 Hamburgers on the Spot & Others wait on $5.99 Hamburgers over 20 minutes & longer. What kind of Burgers do you make & Sell? LOL? It's all how you Present it to the Customer. LOL, My Burgers were the BEST!

    I know you all don't care about this but after my first 2 hard years in I think 85 & 86. I had to borrow about $20K to keep up with my business. I got a bad Attitude & decided I was worth more money & I was, no Doubt about it. I got paid for what I did & I was the Competition.

    Back then I was only person that had all of these & none of my Competition had more than 2. I had Business License, Signs on Trucks, used maintenance agreements, Workers Comp, more than 2 employees, employees wore Company Shirts, more than 2 trucks, Fertilized, Sprayed, Aerated, Sanded, Performed year round Maintenance, Landscaped & etc.. ( I could Probably add moreT00! )

    I was the Competition, I only did my first few year customers on a call as needed & they paid Dearly for it, they also had to give me 3 days notice! I took care of the ones I started out with & I believe in Loyality100%.

    In 87 I would Mow, Hedge, Edge, Trim, Blow & Weed their Properties for 1 monthly Fee. They never heard of this before, I was getting give or take a few bucks $150 a month for a 6Ksq.ft. to 10Ksq.ft lawn & all other work was done on a jobber basis. Yep 3 times a month or every 10 days, yes I cut extra time before or after their Scheduled day if special occasion. They all loved me & they paid for every minute of it. I was rolling in the money in the Winter & had plenty of time for extra work.

    I only did High Maintenance Properties, If my Truck was parked there it looked good when I first stopped & when I left Folks New it was done by GrAssMaster.

    If the Business runs you, you will work all the Time & you will wind up with very little in the long run!

    Look like a Pro, Act like a Pro, Work like a Pro & you Get Paid like a Pro! It's a Known Fact!

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