Daytona International Speedway infield grass...

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    Host turf is C4 - 419 Bermudagrass then overseeded with Perennial Ryegrass.
    The decals are all painted using acrylic based paint with the stencils being provided by the advertisers/paint company.
    I do not know how many grounds personnel are employed at the speedway now but back in the late eighties/early nineties the speedway had over fourteen full time grounds maintenance staff.
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    a little bit of a limb, but this will be pretty close. The main turf is probably 419 that is very dormant. It is over seeded with probably between 600 to 900 lbs of seed an acre. The overseed has been fertilized with at least one probably two good granular products as well as alot of water soluble products on a weekly or biweekly program leading up to the race. Lots of iron for good deep color, and I m sure a tone of green paint. The mowers have been burning in lines for at least the last two weeks (burning lines is mowing in the same direction on the same line for consecutive days, can be done with warm season turf, but much easier on cool season.) This is a guess but this was always the regiment for PGA Tour tournament golf!! It has to look pretty on TV.
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    I question the 600 to 900 pounds of over seed per acre. I believe 200 pound per acre is plenty and any more would out compete the Bremuda spring green up.
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    Spring green up doesn't matter, the event is showcased on TV everything is driven and prepped for that day on TV. Its a completely different way of thinking. During my time at TPC Louisiana as the assistant superintendent I became very familiar with TPC Sawgrass in Jacksonville, which I believe is 100 to 150 miles north, but at that course they would overseed with a 1000 lbs an acre, for the players championship ( which is a major golf tournament). Often times at major events they will continue to seed right up to the event so who knows what the actual lbs/ acre is. As far as competition your right. It is horrible when that ryegrass begins to check out you will have major void from the ryegrass begin so strong and the bermuda trying to break dormancy. You scalp it, stress it, aerify it, chemically kill it to get rid of it as quickly, to try to get the bermuda going as quickly as possible. Transitioning turf is one of the hardest most nerve racking things that we do to turf. There has been a tremendous amount of research done on overseeding, and it takes between 90 and 120 days for the bermuda to get back to original condition. So you do the math mid May you finally get to good bermuda growing weather (at least 65 to 70 at night) then you are scalping and prepping for seed again in late September or earlier October. Its not much time to get it grown back in and ready to overseed again. TPC Sawgrass was always a nightmare in the summer time, thats one of many reasons they moved that tournament and play it now in mid May. When you banging people for 320 dollar a per person/ per round the golf course better be in good shape.
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    Well I hope it is worth the added expense and time to recover from that one day special.

    I have heard horror stories about TV camera crews holding Greenskeepers to the fire for the right grass color on TV. On that note I think live TV could make the turf purple if they wanted.
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    It is or they wouldn't do it. Thats just how much money they make!! Your right about the TV cameras, they will put different color lenses on to hide certain colors. Again all about TV. Thats the hoops you jump through. Thats pressure.
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    Thanks all. Quite an array of answers. Prolly a combo of paint and rye! lol
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    Ric, the TPC (parent arm of the PGA) has a set of standards concerning course conditioning more specifically addressing uniformity among the courses with ball roll distance - most commonly misidentified as green speed.
    Second most important are addressed is contiguous turf density which is achieved at courses through aggressive and continual overseeding of host turf regardless of species.
    Tournament guidelines require specific course conditions including the playability of bunkers as well - this is what drives how a specific course is prepared and not the visual spectrum associated with televised color capability.
    In over twenty years of mucking around courses both as a super and construction super plus some time spent actually working for the TPC (which I will never do again) turf color as seen through a television camera lens was never mentioned.
    Course conditioning at an identified venue is a minimum three year event meaning once a non-TPC owned course has been selected and vetted the staff Agronomist's meet with the host course super to lay out a very specific maintenance/development course which must be adhered too.
    Regarding the overseeding, it was quite common to start at 350 lbs per acre as an initial point with final overseed amounts approaching 860 lbs per acre to achieve the required turf density.
    Btw, you can thank Augusta National and their hyper excessive maintenance protocols for this drive towards perfection.
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    I should be ashamed to admit I have a AS in Golf Course Management. But that was the only close program at the time I was going back to college for any Horticultural program I could take. Problem was I don't play Golf and have no desire to work for a Golf Course. So almost everything I learned about a Golf Course was spewed upon a test paper to be forgotten forever.
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    measured with the "stimpmeter". Good info here grass. I would only say the stimpmeter reading are uniform to non major events. We both know u.s., british open and especially the masters tend to pride themselves on much faster (putting in a bath tub) greens.

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