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    The original purpose of the stimpmeter was to quantitatively evaluate through a uniform measurement the ball roll distance among the greens on a golf course.
    Dude by the name of Edward Stimpson developed it around 1935 or so and it was adopted by mostly NE golf course supers to start. It wasn't until the mid eighties or so that televised golf and those ridiculously pendantic and often incorrect commentators picked up on ball roll distance as a popularized method to spout drivel about what green is "faster" at the venue.
    Singularly the worst thing for putting green health and the term "green speed" has resulted in more gc supers experiencing hemorrhoidal jackass greens committee bullcrap ordering lower heights of cut instead of correct management practices to increase ball roll distance.
    And for general knowledge the USGA classifies ball roll distance in groups, like 8.5' to 9.5' being medium for high volume courses, 9.5' to @11' being classified as "fast" and tournament distance is expected to be 11.5' and above. These values may have changed from when I set up courses for tournaments. As a comparison, at Augusta National, the 'average' ball roll distance was 18.5'+ with a few of the test/evaluation greens pushing 21'. And this was back in the early nineties. Lord only knows what it has risen to now.

    When I ran the several course I had previously I utilized the stimpmeter and three Titlist balata covered balls, the precursor to the Pro-V series and at one muni in course in particular averaging 64,000 rounds per year I achieved a uniform ball roll distance of 11.5' at a height of cut around 0.150" with tri-plex mowers. Good turf density, great resilience and turgor with no disease issues on what started out as L-93 bent and I interseeded my personal favorite PennCross. Those twenty greens were my babies and man did they roll well. I "experimented" one time for a club pro only tournament to increase the ball roll distance as requested by my courses' pro and got the soil based greens to roll beyond 15' without lowering the height of cut by rolling with a concrete roller in three directions three times per week prior to the event. Then sat back and listened to the primal screams from those other "pros" who couldn't putt worth a damn. Man what a great day! You could hear those guys torment from three fairways away.

    Sorry about hi-jacking the thread.
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    seen quite a few smiley faces on those balata balls, cover too soft.

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