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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mjsandman, Mar 23, 2009.

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    I have been overwhelmed shopping for a zero turn mower. I have approximately 7 acres, 3 lawn 1 pasture...I need a zero turn as the lawn has many beds. I need something heavy duty enough to mow my field monthly, it is pretty rough. I know I don't want a stamped frame. I know I need cast spindles, probably greasable? I know I need a least a 10 gage deck, as I don't want to shake it apart in the field......looked at bobcat, scag, toro, and many others. Any advice is welcome........never knew there were so many options!?! Also think I want a Kawaski engine?
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    Scag makes a very solid mower.

    Can I offer you a glass of orange Kool-ade? :D
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    I looked at grasshopper, exmark,toro,scag,and farris last year... I like the scag the best, its a well built mower and it will last. I think that any of them would be good though. Its like buying a new truck... Ford,chevy,dodge, toyota; they are all good trucks and will all do the job. Just try to find the best deal.

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