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    around here they search a database to see if its in use in the area. (4 a DBA) meaning someone living in the U.P. (sence i live in metropolitan detroit) could have the same name (or so the lady behind the counter told me)

    Basicly DBA is

    john smith Doing Biz. As "some lawn company"

    you should call your county clerks office and they can prob. answer your questions.
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    this thread reminds me that my DBA will expire this year
  3. James Cormier

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    How do you claim all the expenses you pay if you dont show any income. How do you get your 04 number to pay fica, and all the other taxes if your not a dba?

    Whats your workmens comp rate?
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    I use my own name to file all my taxes. I claim income and business deductions I am entitled to on Schedule C Form 1040 like many others here. I did need to get a federal EIN as well as a new state number when I hired employees but these are under my own name (thus no need for a dba). It is just a matter of putting my name in the line for business name. I keep a seperate personal checking account for business use. Those checks cash just as well for Uncle Sam and my employees and suppliers as checks from a business checking account.

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