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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eslawns, Apr 20, 2001.

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    Since you are the resident DC expert, I wanted to get your input. There is an add for a DC on the back page (inside) of Pro magazine (Mar). It's an X1701-50 for $4995.00 and I wanted your thoughts on this machine. It seems that this is DC's entry level mower. Right now I use WBs with 2W Velkes. I had planned to replace them with new machines this season, but if this is a solid machine I may go a different route. It's about $1500 less than all the other ZTRs I've priced.

    OK, tell my why you think I should take a closer look or keep looking. BTW, while you're here, does it matter whether you mix hi-lift and mulching blades on the double set up? Which goes on top?

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    This is the entry level machine and was designed for the homeowner, but it has the same quad loop hydro system, frame (except for color), front casters, as the top of the line Choppers. This machine only has 1 three gallon tank on it, but another one could be added to it on the other side. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles the top of the line Choppers have, but I wouldn't be afraid to use it on a daily basis. Try one out and see if it's for you.

    I bought a Chopper without the bells and whistles in 1994 and I put 2500 hours on it and sold it to a friend 3 years ago that has about 2 acres. I went out and put new hydro filters on it this spring and it still sounds good and runs great. What I'm trying to say is it should still last you a long time even without all the goodies on it.

    Doubles: I have run all sorts of blade combinations, tried different ones on top and the bottom. Try different ones and see what's best for you. This time of the year when the grass is very juicy, I like 2 regular blades on it. When the grass gets a bit drier and not so juicy and the grass is growing like crazy, I like the high lift and a mulcher blade or Gator. For leaves, I like a Gator, a Mulcher and the Magic Mulcher all together. I have a picture of this on my Website on Double Blades. I hope this helps.

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