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DC Muffler


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Illinois
When I had a DC with 25Hp Kohler, I had to have the muffler replaced. It was less than two years so warranty covered it.

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
I haven't had a 25 HP Kohler. I had 2 - 20 HP Magnums that lasted a long time. One had 2,500 hours when I sold it and one had 1,900. I have a 22 HP Command that I changed at 2650 hours, because it was rattling inside. It was annoying more than anything, so I put on a 25 HP muffler. The muffler on my diesel still sounds good after 180 hours. :D

John DiMartino

LawnSite Silver Member
The mechanic at my dealer advised me to remove the muffler sheild on my 25hp soon.He said if I dont it will be broken by 5-600 hrs at most.It seems these kohlers eat mufflers prety fast,they get loud or break the sheild mounts off.I hate to remove the guard,but i dont like the price of new either


LawnSite Platinum Member
I'm not sure what your setup looks like, but if your muffler bolts to your exhaust manifold, check the bolts. Sometimes they will loosen. And check the gasket.


LawnSite Member
Okay, not to sound stupid, but I'm the wife counter-part of my business. My husband handles all of the equipment maintenance, so take it easy on me, please. We have a 25hp Kohler engine on our Gravely 260 ZTR, with 600 and some hours on it. The muffler has started (within the last month or so) to get EXTREMELY LOUD. My husband, of course, thought that I had hit something with it, since I'm the one who usually uses this machine. After ***uring him, which wasn't very easy, that I had not in fact hit anything with the muffler, and after careful examination by him, he too found that the muffler is very loud and we cannot explain why. Is this a defect on Kohler's part? We've asked our Gravely dealer to look into this but have not yet heard back from him. This is only the 2nd season for our ZTR and we thought, naturally, that the muffler would last a lot longer than this. Anyone else with these problems, specifically with a Gravely???


LawnSite Senior Member
Coastal NH
It's definetely a Kohler problem on the 25 Hp engines. I have gone through 1 a year for 3 years on my Toro Z Master, but they were covered under the Kohler warranty. At $95 a pop, it can add up. We've talked about the backfiring ***ociated with these engines before, I'm sure it does a job on the muffler.



LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
Kohler makes a different muffler- an insulated model, it costs a little more but well worth it. This model comes standard on the Exmark LC and EPS but is an option on the other models. Kind of like the Donaldson canister air cleaner I guess. P.S. I think it's AWESOME that as a wife, you operate a ZTR. A Gravely no less! Please don't take me wrong, that's not to say it's a "feat" for a wife, I just think it's pretty neat! :)

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LawnSite Silver Member
Ontario, Canada
My wife also does most of our cutting while I am at my day job, we schedule the bad lawns for when I am done work. Everyday she leaves a message at my office where she will be at 4:00 and I drive there on my motorcycle and we both keep cutting until dark. We have a good mix of lawn sizes so she is able to cut big open lawns during the day and it works out pretty good for us. The bad part is that she can drive a much straighter line with the Walker than I can.