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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by corycc, Jul 9, 2001.

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    I had been thinking about buying a new WB, when I noticed the ad in my L&L Mag about the DC X1901-50 for $5995.00 which is only about $1,000.00 more than I would spend on a WB, which sounds really good, but I haven't yet compared it to other Z's. I have heard a lot of good things about DC, but I don't have a dealer close. It seems that it may be under-powered, and can you really cut at 15 mph? I suppose you can't trim as well as you could with a WB as far as under things since you are sitting up pretty high. I guess you gotta watch out for trees! What do guys think about THIS, and only THIS mower. Is it a pretty good deal?
  2. Eric ELM

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    From what I know of this mower, it has a 50" deck, a 19 hp Kaw engine, and it is the painted model with no stainless steel on it. It doen't have all the bells and whistles that the stainless steel models have. No Donaldson, no Amsoil bypass filter, no OCDC, no coolers and it comes with a less expensive seat. It is the second lowest priced DC, but it should power a 50" deck just fine. I've had 2 DC's with a 60" deck and only 20 HP that worked out just fine, the old Magnum Kohler 20hp engine.

    This model does have the same quad loop hydro system that the others have and the same frame, but it's red. I have not demoed one, so this is about all I can tell you about it.
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    I can tell you I had an old 1991 Dixie 50" for about 3 months,and I have a 2000 XW 2500 Dixie now.I had them at the same time,the 60 is much more stable on a hill than the 50.If you have hilly yards,get a demo before you buy the 50,id pay the extra for the 60" cut,to get the wider stance if i were you.The 19hp Kawi is plenty of power,and the mower can mow at 8mph,and transport at 10,according to the 2001 DC brochure.If the blades are razor sharp,and the lawn not real tall,it will mow good wide open.

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