DDGS - Anyone w/Info on Distiller's Dried Grains for Weed Control?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by GreenInOH, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Hi! I just joined this site and it looks like a great forum for organic lawn care information. I have been doing org. lawns since 2000 in central Ohio, and use composted poultry for fert. & corn gluten (dry) for weed management, in addition to nematodes for grubs and compost tea applications.

    I have been trying to research DDGS - distiller's dried grains, and not able to find much information on details for lawn applications. It is obviously much cheaper than corn gluten, and looks to have similar effects on new seed growth. If anyone has used it for their lawns, I'd love to hear from you! Here are some questions to get a discussion started. Thanks!

    - What are the best application rates (lb per 1,000 sq/ft)?
    - Do you apply in early spring and early fall, similar to corn gluten?
    - How long is the "window" of effectiveness?
    - What is it's effectiveness on lawn weeds in your experience?
    - Other details as they would relate to using DDGS and organic lawn care?
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    find an ethanol plant and they will have?????

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