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  1. Eager Beaver

    Eager Beaver LawnSite Member
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    Would like to get your opinions on salt/deicer products used on cement/ near landscape/yards etc. I have quite a few commercial acounts that have paving brick walkways with very expensive landscapes and want to keep salting /sand applications damage to a minimum if none at all . Any suggestions on what products that have worked for you? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Aspen Snow

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    I can't believe NY snowpro's or plowking 35 has not jumped on this one yet, well I will. The product to use is Magic Salt. It won't harm concrete or damage shrub. It also works very well.
  3. Diceman

    Diceman LawnSite Member
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    Like Aspen said, the stuff to use is Magic Salt. Talk with John Parker ( or Dino Tudisca ( Dino has some stuff on his website also

    We started using Magic Salt last year and were very impressed with the results. It's a great anti-icing product, put it down before the snow begins to fall, it prevents the bond between the snow and the asphalt. We've used it on a lot and had two inches of snow fall, and never had to plow the lot. Wonder stuff.

    It comes in 25# and 50# bags or you can spray your salt pile directly. You get a better concentration of magic when you spray your piles. 8 gallons a ton compared with 4 gallons a ton with the bag product.

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  4. n y snow pros

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    Magic is a product that has several benifits
    1) It neutralizes the corrosive nature of salt
    2) It eats rust
    3) Lowers the freezing point of water to 35 below zero
    4) Wont hurt plants,cocrete,asphalt,carpet,linolium,grass
    5) where you might have spread 2 yards of straight salt you
    will only use 1 yard or less to cover the same area
    6)Your lots will be bare 2 to 5 hours before anyone else
    7)you cant gat black ice because the Magic goes into the
    These are just a few benifits,if interested call me at 914-485-4200 John Parker
  5. Eager Beaver

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    Just want to say "Thank You" for all of the information that I have gotten over this topic and to everyone invloved. This format sure beats the normal trial and error that everyone usually has to go threw in every day business life. I have also been in contact with John Parker and he has been very helpful with information on "Magic"
    Eager Beaver Services LLC.
  6. Ed Altheide

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    from IA
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    we have been using red potash. The product works well, does not track in, it spreads easy. We use a Western Pro Flow with the gate opening opened 1/2 way to the 1st opening. Any wider will waste material. Red potash is very corrosive and keep it dry. Hope this helps.

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