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    We're going to probably replace a dump truck in the next year our current f750 is a derated 33k truck and it's been great and i love it to death. NEVER had a major repair with it BUT i have a class A and i've been loading it to the 33k weight for years, have gotten pulled over lots of times without any issue but I'm wondering if it's truly legal since the GVWR is "26k" (the axles are stamped at 11 for the front and 22 for the rear) so i've always assumed that when the blue lights pull me over to weigh they were ok with that and since my tag is paid up to 52k. I like the "deratedness" of the truck so others can drive it without cdl- not a big supply of CDL drivers that will also do landscaping work around here. So with the new truck I'm wondering what I should get it stamped at? Anyone have guidance? I'm also going to ask the pete salesman and I'm sure he has more experience in these things- dot regs are not my specialty.
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    I don't know about CDL vs. Non-CDL, but a cop here told me he didn't care what weight a trailer GVW said, he would write a ticket for improper registration. For example, a to tow a trailer larger than 10,000 lbs in PA, the truck needs to be registered in combination with the combo gross weight. If I get a 14,000 lb dump trailer and derate it to 10,000, I would be cited for not having proper registration on the truck because the trailer has 2 6,000 lb axles, even though the 10,000 gross is legal to tow as is. Even if the trailer is empty.
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    Yeah. Well ford and others sell the trucks de-rated to keep them under cdl territory. I’m operating it in cdl territory but all the tags are paid up. Dot rules and refs are a mess
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    They are a mess. Here they weigh each axle and take the overall distance between the wheels, factor in number of inches of tire on the road. If your within the specs of the truck, and you have a high enough GVWR on your registration and you have the appropriate license. Your good. But realize some States have different rules. I think the best way and what I do, is load the truck up with your heaviest load and call DOT over to weigh it and work with you to get the weight distribution correct. This is the best way to know how the guys that are going to pull you over are going to interpret the law. Also if they know you are going to the effort of getting it right, that also helps on the side of the road. Make no mistake, these guys talk among each other. If they know your company for having well maintained equipment and you go the extra mile to be legal, it goes along way.
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    This thread could go on forever . Even the cops cant explain the rules . Some go by the GVW thats on the plate on the truck , some go by the registration . On trailers some simply look at the number of lugs on the wheels . 5 lug is a 3K axle , 6 lug 5K axle etc . If they are not sure they will just ticket you and you get to explain it to the judge .
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    It’s the discretion of the officer.. he’ll get you for something if he feels the need to.

    I think having clean equipment and asking them to do an inspection means a lot as well.
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    Technically, if your truck is rated at 26K and your curb weight is 33K your overloaded, even if was built to carry 33K.

    I need to replace an F800 that is rated at 25,990. For the same reason I prefer to keep it under CDL territory. But, finding a used truck I really need is next to impossible and I got a price from Hino and Pete and I can't justify the price tag of a brand new cab and chassis.

    Also wanted to keep it under CDL because we have a sprayer that we use for liquid anti- and de-icing. Then I took a practice test for the tanker endorsement online...got 1 out of 12 wrong without even looking at the study manual so I might just go the CDL route.
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    i you like red the pete dealer down here has a lead on a SUPER nice LOW milage single axle with a lift he sent me incase I wanted to go that route instead of another switch-n-go. If it was white I'd probably bought it. You'd need the cdl but i is SOOO clean. I went to the dealer yesterday and if i ordered one today it'll be 2nd quarter next year till they'd make/deliver it. He's going to poke around and see if they can find one elsewhere. Single axles aren't big sellers, and neither are tandems here any more... most everything is a quad. If they find me one I may be selling my f750 so I'll let you know if you interested. She's been a SUPER great truck and only major repair it's ever needed was a turbo (aside from wear items etc)

  9. Junior M

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    your damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you go new vs used.

    Price tag is high and wait time is way to long for new..

    But for me, I’m having a hard time finding a 15-16ft bed single axle with 300+ horsepower. Plenty out there to be found with 250hp.
  10. OP

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    had two of the "big trucks" in charlotte today to remove some BIG stumps from some elms that got busted up, will install some 25' maples tomorrow in their place. "instant gratification"
    stump - 1.jpg stump - 2.jpg stump - 3.jpg

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