De-thatchers! Your opinion?


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NE Ohio
Hello all-<p>Just wanted to get your opionion on de-thatchers. Do you guys like the tow behind the tractor ones or the power ones. I've always used the power ones but it would be quicker to tow one behind my tractor.<p>Your thoughts would be appreciated.<br>Oh by the way I cut my first lawn for the season yesterday. It felt soo good to be out there again!<p>Mike <br>Greenkeepers


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N.E. Wisconsin
I have used both + a front mount spring tine that I currently use on my Walker. The verticle mowers that you are talking about do a nice job on small lots but they are pretty aggressive to the turf. <br>The tow behind is o.k but slow when you come to a sidewalk you have to talk it off or raise it up and that could be a pain. also they require weight. I have the option of dethatching and picking up at the same TINE :) sorry, time if I want to. Its a personal choice but remember Time is Money in this business but the fastest guy doesn't always do quality work. Good Luck.

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