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  1. get rich

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    How soon do you jump out there and do your de-thatching? I'd like to say that as soon as it's good and dry out there, hammer them out. This way i can hurry up and apply my crab grass preventative in the first of april til the first of may. I was wondering, should you allow the lawn to really green up before power raking it? Or is it alright to do it while it's still dormant? just wondering bout that, thanks.
  2. Shawns Lawns

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    It is my understanding that for cool season grasses you should dethatch in the fall since doing so in the spring would spread the crabgrass seeds all over the lawn. Also do power raking in is best done when the grass can recouperate from the raking. :waving:
  3. kmclawn

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    You can dethatch in the spring. Try to do it before the grass greens up then add a good crabgrass pre. In the fall way too many leaves to try and dethatch besides.
  4. get rich

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    yeah, i've never had a problem with spreading crab grass. My Dimension takes care of that. I just didn't know if it's more beneficial for the turf to be fully awake or dormant? It really greens up and thickens up nice soon after dethatching,fert and rain. Thanks for the input.Good luck this season to all!

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