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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ccas, Jul 17, 2010.

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    So I have a couple areas of my lawn that burned when I wasnt watering like I should have. They are probably about 10X20 areas right on the edge of two hills that get the most sun. I have been watering them a lot trying to get the areas to "green up" but I think its a lost cause the dead grass is really thick and about 2 inches of mashed down brown stuff. I tried raking it out, but that wasnt really working well (too thick and stuck in). Any suggestions? I'm thinking of just waiting until next spring and making sure I get water on it in time or taking the layer of sod off. If I choose the latter whats the easiest way to do that?

    This a somewhat new lawn (3 years old) and it was installed very uneven. They put the topsoil down just before a huge rainstorm that lasted for days causing lots of flooding and washed a lot of my soil away, making it uneven and a bear to mow. I am always concerned about the crowns and cutting them a bit short
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    At 3 years old, and being in the Northeast, there is a chance it is going to be OK.

    Get some topsoil to smooth and overseed, later this fall to make it more, mowing friendly.

    No need to remove dead grass, in that it makes a good source of OM and soil texture. Just don't run it all compacted under mud when you rake the new stuff in. :)
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    Cool thanks
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    Finally got it growing green again. I decided to lower the deck on the mower and cut it as short as I could. Seems that it got rid of the dead grass enough that the new grass is coming through!!!
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    That's the craziest crap I've heard in a while. :walking:

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