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Dead bushes...


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a commercial account that has some half dead bushes in the back of the building. I dont want to mess around and try to dig them out. I have a feeling Ill have to deal with wires buried in the area.

Is it possible to just cut them down to the stumps and a few inches below the dirt and then MULCH over that? Would I have to worry about the roots coming back to haunt me.

This is somthing I am going to try and upsell them on so I want to make sure I can handle it myself before approaching them. They also have other areas that use to have mulch but have been neglected for a few years.



LawnSite Fanatic
The best system yet for trunks 2" diameter or less is to chop straight into the ground with a splitting mall right next to the trunk. By the time you cut all the side roots you are close to ripping it out by hand. If not use a loppers or small ax to finish it off. Tear out the roots that you can, as far as you can, then snip them off below ground level.
It really does go quickly with a mall and very little chance of regrowth unless it is one of those sucker spreaders, like locust. My guess is that if the shrubs are waning now there is not a good environment for that variety as it is.


Focal Point Landscapes

LawnSite Senior Member
Macon Ga.
You can cut them off at the ground and swab glyphosphate on the stump and they will probably not come back , but you will have a problem if the client decides later to replace them - I would dig or pull them out.