Dead Grass and Palms

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    That is fungus without a doubt
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    I have come to the conclusion that it is not a simple problem caused by one thing. Keep in mind this is new sod put in at the last of July. No herbicide was put down prior to the installation. Shortly after the installation there was a mole cricket and chinch bug infestation. They loved the new sod and moist conditions but were quickly controlled. There was also a I think a toxic drip coming from the palms near the pool also which weakened the sod, probably wouldn't have been a problem on established grass. Weak sod and the moisture from August-Sept S. Florida tropical rain makes conditions ripe for fungus infestation. Unfortunately the rain also washes away fungicides in this sandy soil. It was treated with a granular fungicide 4 weeks ago and we'll treat again this week and see what happens.
    If I had to do it over again I'd establish new sod in the spring in S. Florida when you can control the conditions a little better as far as water is concerned.
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    That is Florida for you lots and lots of conditions you face at anytime. Do not forget late late summer/fall period for establishing sod as well. Your pest pressure can be lower, the humidity drops, the overnight temps drop, the rain generally is not a constant flow allowing you to control moisture.
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    What? Please let me know where you got this bunk info from. We service pools and many have exotic landscape right next to waterfalls and decks. They get splashed all the time with no problems. There is no vapor cloud given off by a swimming pool. If it was concentrated enough to damage plants, people would be choking. Same with pressure cleaning. We do decks and cages all the time without problems.
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    I have seen this damage first hand on properties I have maintained in the past. If you think my opinion is bunk you don't have to agree. I have also seen damage due to homes having just been pressured washed and also after several weeks. Sometimes the damage does not show up all at one time and some plants and turf types handle chlorine better than others. As stated earlier I believe the issue with the turf was caused by a number of different issues, Chlorine poisoning was a factor which had a cascading effect.
    easy-lift guy
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    I stick with my prognosis until he actually checks to roots for rot.

    Round spots from Chlorine damage? Pots with herbicide in them? Maybe, but not likely.
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    Since my original post I have had a couple of guys check this problem out one of whom is a retired horticulturist. The general consensus is: root rot and a fungus from excess moisture during the period following the placing of the sod. There was no herbicide in any of the pots, ever. The pool chlorine idea they all agreed is possible but as it is a salt water pool and the chlorine maintained on the low end he didn't think it was likely, though possible. Though the photos don't show it the palms had fronds much lower to the ground right after the sod was laid and the irrigation system hit them and dripped onto the ground three times a day causing too much spot moisture. The roots rotted and a fungus developed that spread. They all noted that the sod would likely recover as new growth is being seen.
    As an aside I can add that this empire zoysia is some seriously hearty stuff. I had about 20 pieces left over and threw them on some dirt I had mounded up for a later shrub bed simply because I wasn't going to send it back. No irrigation was provided but every piece survived and I will use that to fill in where needed. I've been using nothing but a commercial Palm fertilizer with 8%N on the lawn and though it's not the greenest in the world the roots seem to be strong.
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    TADA! :cool2:
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    the biggest case of hogwash i have ever heard. Chlorine vapors!!!!! If thats the case all 300 of my customers would have this type damage. never saw it before when it wasnt grubs, mole crickets or a fungus that got into it.

    If the chlorine is that high you would gag when you walked around the pool and the palms would die
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    I have seen this damage due to the vapor from chlorine from pools. I have not seen it for everyone of my accounts but I have seen it. There are many other factors that are in play with this issue as well. My suggestion was not the only cause for the spots on the turf, try reading some or all of the other post before you decide to pass judgement on one reply.
    easy-lift guy

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