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It seems whatever I do, I can't get rid of dead grass blades in my lawn and they never seem to decompose. Dethatching only seems to get rid of about half the dead blades - going over it twice.

Here's a before and after dethatching.

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The lawn looks OK from a distance, but up close you see lots of dead blades and thin grass that I want to thicken.

I fertilize on a regular basis and these photos are during the wet spring we've had. I'm in the northern Idaho climate.

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Even I look good at a distance. :cool: If the clippings are not decomposing that indicates very little biological activity is needed to break the clippings down. Might try a quality bio-stimulant, or organic fertilizer to build that rhizosphere back to active. Too much Nitrogen can actually reduce the biological activity since the plants don't need the microbes.
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