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If the brown or white grass blades are still vertical --that is--not lying on the soil, I suspect fungal disease. Dollarspot for instance. Once the blades for any reason lose their green and lay flat, the soil bacteria and fungi start decomposition--provided the moisture and temperature conditions are within range.
Of course, low potassium results in yellowing of the older leaf tissue. Same as in corn.
A soil test is a good place to start. Costs more--but if you want to be sure get a leaf "tissue test". Then they can check for 12 different mineral nutrients and micronutrients.
Of course, you want to avoid watering at night or after noon--because high humidity promotes fungal disease--particularly if the temperature and humidity are both high.
You may need to consider overseeding with a modern, top-quality, dark green, disease-resistant grass seed cultivar.

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