Dead in the Dirt Part II

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Maz, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Well I was told that the gearbox went out in my Super Z 27hp L/C Kaw with only 66 hours on it. I was told by my dealer that they had a package to replace it with a 25hp Kaw Air cooled. This was hard for me to swallow considering I paid more for the L/C in the beginning and now I got it replaced with air cooled and had to pay around $200.00 to get less HP and air cooled. I tried contacting the regional service manager via 2 emails 2 cell messages and 1 call to work with no response, in the mean time the dealer replaced the engine and now I am stuck with it. The new engine stalled twice and had to sit for a while before restarting and when I went to move it three days after the first cut it took me 15 minutes to get it started. I have given Hustler a lot of chances to get this right. I have 2 kinds of special oil 4 sets of different blades and hundreds of dollars of extra expense for 66 hours of cutting. I have paid over 100.00 dollars an hour to cut my grass and now it losses power going up hill and I have to slow to a crawl, litterally barely moving, or it will stall out. For a mower that I was told "could cut anything I had and was bullet proof" I think it has failed miserably. Can anyone give me a trade in and resale value for this mower, I just simply dont have the time to put into a lawn mower. Mowing is not my business, I own two and am getting ready to open a third, and as most of you know does not leave time to mess around everytime I have to mow and trailer this mower around. It has been in the shop multiple times (six or seven) probably been on the trailer more than on my grass. Well there it is. PJ Thank You for your help I appreciate the effort you have put towards my issue, but I think it is time to make lemonade with this lemon.
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    Please e-mail me, I am sorry to hear of your experience thus so far.
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    I have a converted 27 liquid to 25 air and love it. It will never be more than an air 25 but I don't need more than that. The 25 kaw has been great for me, and my ztr friends who have tried it have been very impressed. I hope you can find satisfaction, but I feel confident your machine has a lot of excellent mowing ahead of it.

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