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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by David C., Oct 5, 2010.

  1. David C.

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    I have a Echo PB-620 blower----just installed a carb kit--w/fuel filter & spark plug

    The machine is a little over a year old

    Running fine one day---then next day I started to blow walks from first client---and nothing---won't even ACT like it even WANTS to start for me

    I'm getting fire to my plug and gas is fine

    1. I have a sneaky feeling I'm not the only one on this board with a Echo blower

    2. I have that same sneaky feeling I'm not the only one on this board with this problem

    I've checked everything there is to check----just wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot
  2. ed2hess

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    So are you sure you have spark when it was hot? This sounds a little bit like it is flooding. That can be checked by turning it to off and pulling the rope a few times then back on. What was the original problem that caused you
    to put in a kit on a one year old unit? I have bunches of them so I switch parts. In this case I would switch carb. Crank the low side down a little.
  3. sharkey

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    >>just installed a carb kit--w/fuel filter & spark plug<<

    Could you have the gaskets and the diaphragms in the carb out of place? You also could have the fuel lines mixed up. The bulb pulls the fuel through the carb. Go over to the Echo website and look up the parts diagram. Put the carb back together as shown on the schematic. The order that the diaphragms and gaskets are in is critical and it sounds like your unit isnt pulling fuel. Also, check all the lines by squeezing them and looking for pin holes, cracks or leaks. Alcohol laced gas is hard on all these parts.

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