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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Matt'slawncare, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. Matt'slawncare

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    One of my accounts wants me to figure out what is killing her yard. I have been mowing this for a couple years and each year the the spot grows. The spot is a big dead spot between two trees with little spots of grass growing in it. Also the suptic tank drains out in to it but we havn't had any enough rain to make it run. So does anyone have any idea what it could be?
  2. bastalker

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    Could it be that it is just a lack of sun since it is happening between 2 trees? Is it mossy? How far apart are the trees? Does the water tend to stand in this area from the septic tank when it rains? Need a little more info...
  3. nlminc

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    Maybe part of the septic is not deep enough and the the lawn is thining out due to lack of soil?? Most likely just a shade issue.
  4. Rhett

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    Septic tank? The only time you should know where the septic field is is by a nice green field above the drain field. If she is a single gal allot of the time if the septic field fails you will have a spreading spot around the top of the tank, but have no back up in the house. That is Yet! Suggest that she have her tank serviced and inspected. Unfortunately I know poop.

    Good Luck
  5. Matt'slawncare

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    Well i am pretty sure its not the light that is making die. The tree's are cut really all about 8-10' and are 25' apart so they should get enough light. There has never been any water sitting there since i mowed it. But since i mowed it the spot has at least tripled from its size when i started. It just looks like that grass just die's out and doesn't really look like there is a problem. Could it be a fungus in the dirt or something? Hope this helps.
  6. KevlarLawnCare

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    if you think it might be a soil issue i would recommend doing a soil sample... how long has it been like this? you say there are patches growing, are the patches showing any sign of stress? i agree i do not think it is a shade prob.. are there any signs of insect damage?if so maybe start with a good insect control like (Talstar)... it will control most turf damaging insects... i agree with Rhett, if it is over the septic you should see nice growth..unless it is moisture damage.

    test the soil, and adjust pH levels if needed...If PH is ok hit it with some potash and 18-0-8 fert and see if that helps...

    If it is fungi you will see a yellowing of the turf!

    any pics of the damage?

    I'm sure you know but potash will promote root strength to existing turf....
  7. Rhett

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    ****, and I mean that literally. Take a probing rod and make sure it is above her tank. Bet it is. It will only get worse. Pretty sure I said that before.:(
  8. Matt'slawncare

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    I wish i could show you guys a pick I know it would help alot. Well the spots that have grass growing, the grass is really green and looks great but its just a little spot. I will go over there tomarrow to see if it has a yellow tint to it. I plan on taking a soil test on it but i just thought i would ask you guys first. Thanks for the help.

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