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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by fatdog47, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. fatdog47

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    Would like to know how I can stop having dead spots in the grass, whenever I temporarily stop my Super Z 24/72. It appears that whenever I temporarily stop my mower to move lawn equipment/fixtures; the next day, the grass has a round, dead spot in it. I have checked to ensure that the heat shield has been installed and it is properly installed. Please advise. THANX!!! :help:

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    Sorry I can't help with your dead spots, but as a Honda 24 owner (?), how do you like that engine? Does it have enough power for your 72" deck? Is it quiet? Why did you get the Honda rather than one of the Kawasakis, like so many other people seem to have done??

    For a 52" Super Mini Z wouldn't the 24 Honda be the nicest engine??

    Thanks! I'm looking to buy the sweetest Super Mini I can, and dread after the purchase saying: "Oh nuts! What I should have gotten was the @!#$%%$#@ !!"!
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    E-mail me your mower details, model and serial #'s and your information along with your dealers information, and I will get our customer service department working on this for you.

  4. fatdog47

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    The Honda is really smooth running and appears to have plenty of power for my acreage. Also, I know a little more about Honda engines and know they are a very low maintenance, high life, and very economical. Also, Hondas are relatively simple to work on (once the warranty has expired).

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