Dead spots on steep hill

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by precisionlawn, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. precisionlawn

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    A lawn that im aerating thursday has a steep hill in the back yard. In the middle there is a complete dead spot about 30 in diameter. What advice do you have to build and maintain a new area of lawn there. The problem is that the water just runs down to the bottom of the hill. What can I do?
  2. Runner

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    2 options. (well 3, actually). If it's a pure blend of a grass that is available as a sod in your area, (around here, it would have to be Kentucky Blue), you could sod it and stake it. This is the the most unlikely but simplest solution. 2nd, you could lay landscape seed fabric down, this is a mat that comes in rolls. This mat has a biodegradable fabric like material, seed, and starter fertilizer all "rolled" up into one. (sorry for the pun, I just couldn't resist:D ). If the incline is relatively steep, this, of course, should be staked, also. 3rd, (and your most likely solution, would be to reseed the area (all these methods, of course, include the normal prep), then use a straw mulch, and stake a plastic mesh material over top to prevent the straw from rinsing off the top. This material is usually composed of a thin plastic, that has squares in about a 1 to 2" square grid pattern. Keep it watered, and of course use a starter fert high in phosphorus. Good luck with it.;)
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    I would only add one thing. Since it's on an incline and also a very small spot, try germinating the seed before putting it down. I've tried it with transition blend and it works for small steep spots.
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    try the prep the site, seed, starter fert. straw them put on burlap over top to hold everything in place.

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