Dead tree is it my fault

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by gobblet, May 1, 2007.

  1. gobblet

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    I have a lawn customer that I sprayed some Lesco liquid Prosecutor weed killer for under a Weeping willow tree. The area of the weeds sprayed was about 10x15 ,that same year the tree started dying. I always spray on this property even Canadian thistle that grows in the juniper ground cover with the same product never has kill any of it. What do you think? can this product kill a large tree around 4oz./gal. mixed.
  2. gqnine44

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  3. americanlawn

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    The only way Procecutor (Roundup) can kill a tree is if the tree has sprouts growing up off it's root system and they get sprayed.

    I killed a linden tree by mistake many years ago. It had lots of sprouts (with leaves) growing up off its roots. The linden was already under stress, because it was planted in a confined area with heavy clay soil (clay soil is their worst enemy).

    So make sure not to spray under strees with suckers growing from its roots.
    Weeping willows do this sometimes. Willows easily translocate herbicides and/ or fertilizers. Use a broadleaf herbicide instead. Then pull the grasses.
  4. Nathan Robinson

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    look on the labeling and see what it says about the vapors as well. A willow tree is hard to kill. I would pull a sample off of the tree now and send it to your state chemists office and have them check it out. This covers your butt and if it is a disease you can sell some maujet (tree injections) to her....
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    Nate is right. However--even better--get a tree service to come out and give you a diagnosis. You can claim you are not responsible until you have ruled out: root rot, girdling root, stem canker, lightning strike, leaf spot, borers, and on and on. Most trees have about 10 diseases and 10 insects possible. What about drought?

    If it was herbicide --the damage should be worse on the area nearest where the spray was applied. Find a nursery where willow is grown--do they use glyphosate to control weeds under the trees?
  6. olive123

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    no way if it was a mature tree you wont kill it by spraying the area around it.
  7. Turfdoctor1

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    Willows are very short lived in the landscape, especially any type of urban landscape. As already stated, they are notorious for disease and insect infestations. And, their natural habitat is on the riverside, pointing to the fact that they need a LOT of water.

    It is highly unlikely that you caused the tree to start dying. They are simply a short lived tree in the landscape.
  8. xpnd

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    I strongly disagree! Trees are nothing more than really big broadleaf weeds as far broadleaf herbicides are concerned in regards to their mode of action. And since a few can be soil active and nearly all volatize to some degree, I think there is more risk of extensive damage if you use broadleaf herbicides around mature trees and outright death to smaller trees. Prosecutor IMO would be better since it is not soil active and does not volatize.

    I do spray Broadleaf herbicides under trees but either very lightly with a quick pass or spot spray if the tree is small.
  9. LawnTamer

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    I would also say no. Willows here are notorious for borer problems, peel back some bark and check.
  10. hughmcjr

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    You can disagree all you want, but what you are saying is ERRONEOUS! The most 2-4 D can do or other broad leaf herbicides is hurt foliage and that is if it is sprayed on the foliage. Even if you spray a brush killer like Crossbow to kill suckers/sprouts it is hard to kill most well established trees completely to their roots.
    If what you were saying is true, and beyond a doubt it isn't, most people would use herbicides to kill trees and their would not have been any brush/tree killing products made or in use.

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