Deadbeat customer got what he deserved.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Oct 4, 2006.

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    Few years back I had a yard that I called the yard from h*ll. Four acres of pine trees and a HUGE ditch. Not only was the yard my worst ever the client was the worst paying POS I ever had.He had a big 2 story nice house, nice cars, swimming pool, the works. Took me over a year to get part of my 525 bucks from him for doing a huge job for a wedding he was having at the house. I found out today from a guy that worked under him that the deadbeats wife was embezzling money from the firm she worked for and he went down to her boss and threated him and now they are both in jail:laugh: That is what happens when you try to live past your means! It could not happen to a finer couple. I remember one time his wife asked me not to tell her hubby that she was behind on a bill one time before. They started out paying ok then got slower and slower and I finally dropped them after doing the 525 job. I should have dropped them sooner but was a big account and was good when I finally got it. It is soooo nice to see justice served.
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    I meant to add that after I dropped this yard it took him from 4 months to find another LCO. I happen to run into the LCO in a resturant one morning and he told me that it took him a solid 40 hour week to get the yard cleaned up from all the straw and limbs and he did not get paid for it either.
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    Yea, that deffinately sounds like a yard from hell. I have ran into a few of those before, they make you want to just give up and go home.
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    Send him a pic of you laughing.

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