deadbeat mayor candidate (funny)


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So several months ago we did a very large landscape renovation for a local home builder/business man at his home. when we pulled up on site one of my employees starts sayn don't do it, hes going to stiff you. apparently my employee worked for a A.C company before joining my crew and he started telling my how this guy would always stiff his sub contractors and had a bad rep all over town. i gotta provide so i figured il give him a price if he agrees il collect up front and do the job. he beat me up on the price but we finally agreed he paid me and we went to work. apparently he was selling his house and he asked me to finish everything in two days. a Realtor showed up on the second day as we were finishing to take pictures and we were showered with nothing but complements on how great everything looked, he introduced himself wanted some of my business cards, etc.. the deadbeat and his wife came out and told me how happy they were with the work when we finished. a few days later the deadbeat called me and asked me to trim some trees and mow around his shed in the back of his property, his house sits on 5+ acres. so i gave him a price over the phone he agrees and we set up a time later that week to take care of it. so we show up send my guys out back to take care of it. the guy and his family were getting into his truck to leave and he asked me "hey can you bill me were going to be late for my sons baseball game" I had a feeling but i said OK. i figured he paid for the first job il give him the benefit of the doubt. Well what do you know??? we bill him. no check!! we call him. no answer!! we email him. nothing!! i figured oh well he got me it was only $275 . well a few days ago in my local newspaper he announced he was running for mayor. so i get get online to the papers forum and under his article you can write comments. so i wrote my comment and let the whole city know exactly what happened. how he stiffed me, and if he would stiff his landscaper what would he do to the citizens of our town if he was elected.. well my phone has been ringing off the hook. everyone around town is asking me what all happened. the deadbeat has been calling me 10-15 times a day ( i don't answer, I'm going to let him sweat a bit) leaving voicemails begging me to erase the comment on the papers forum. begging begging saying he will pay me what he owes me, just please please delete the comments on the forum ( oh yea i saved all his voicemails). our city has live televised council meetings and citizens can come up and talk for 3 minuets on any subject they want about the city. well when he goes up for his mayor candidate speech in front of council next council meeting . I'm going to speak for 3 minutes on why i feel he shouldn't be mayor . I don't even care about the $275 anymore the guy ignored me for over 6 months . $275 would be nice but if i can contribute to him loosing his mayor race. (priceless):))


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that is totally awesome. glad to hear you had the opportunity to do that, most dont


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That's awesome! Good for you! The last thing this country needs is another sh*t bag sitting in public office.


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Good story, but watch how far you take it. While you are speaking the truth, with a lawyer he somehow could go after you.

I would get your money from him. Don't delete the comment but update it saying he finally paid it 6 months late. Then thank the forum members for the help. What will happen is other subs he stiffed will contact him wanting payment also or they will post it up also.

He can interview and give misleading answers to the why that could hurt you also. Take the money, the damage is done.
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